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The ROLEC DH Provides Safe 
and Efficient Hop Induction

With craft brewers needs in mind, the ROLEC DH was developed.  This innovative product series is specifically created to support the craft beer market's remarkable growth.  With the Rolec series, you can make SIGNIFICANT savings on the amount of hops you use and thus return on investment is also outstanding.

The ROLEC DH45ROLEC HOPNIK DH90 and ROLEC HOPNIK DH250 models can offer small to large scale breweries an incredible way to dry hop beer. 

These fully portable DH Systems are powered by the in-line SBI shear blending pump and are designed to be used at ground level; eliminating safety concerns of dry hopping on a ladder at the top of a two-story fermenting tank.  The SBI pump recirculates the fermenter whilst inducing dry hops directly in to the stream of beer and completely in an oxygen free environment.

The DH90 and DH250 are purged with carbon dioxide within a pressurised chamber to prevent oxygen intrusion. The DH45 is the smallest unit which utilises a "blanket" of carbon dioxide under a non-pressurised chamber to prevent oxygen encroachment.


Each portable ROLEC DH is delivered, ready to go, as a fully self-contained unit. VFD controls are supplied with it.  Also the hygienic DH90 and DH250 are CIP-able with no additional CIP pump required.


  • Hops are introduced, chopped and dispersed in the fermenter. 

  • Increased surface area gives greater flavour and aroma during the fermentation process.

  • Reduced fermenting time.

  • Less raw materials required - using less hops.

  • ​CO2 purged environment.

  • CIP Hygienic - no additional pump required.

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SBI Powered Dry Hop System Features

  • 304 Stainless Steel Base Material

  • 316L Wetted Parts

  • All Models Include VFD (NEMA4X Standard)

  • Stainless Steel / Polyurethane Casters

  • DH45/ DH90 / DH250 are Fully CIP-Able with No Additional CIP Pump Required

  • Standard 50’/15m Cord

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