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Black Sheep Brewery.

The Black Sheep Brewery noticed that taste palates were changing, with growing demand for hop-forward ales and craft beers. At first, their team wanted to react by trialling the manual addition of extra hops to the tank. Then along came the ROLEC DH45. The results are impressive. 

  1. Less hops used – but, same hop clarity achieved 

  2. No adverse impact - on suspended yeast or head retention 

  3. Recirculation of the fermenter - using existing pipework 

  4. ROI - expected within 24 months

A whopping good result. 

" The big advantage of the ROLEC DH is that it breaks up the hops, thus introducing greater hop characteristics into the beer. Alternatively, thanks to increased surface area and forced contact with the entire beer volume, we can use less hops to achieve the same hop clarity. I estimate we are on course for ROI within 24 months. ” 

Phil Douglas. 

Black Sheep Brewery 

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