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Brixton Brewery.

Thanks to a recently installed dry hopping system from Hoptimiser, a London specialist in distinctive handcrafted beers is not only benefiting from a boost in the aroma and consistency of its products, but is saving on yeast at the same time. Brixton Brewery installed the system shortly after the recent expansion of its brewing operations to a facility some ten times larger than the company’s original premises. 

  1. Brixton Brewery now able to re-pitch yeast and make significant savings

  2. Strength and consistency of aroma enhanced

  3. Hoptimiser dry hopping system used on a daily basis

Brixton - Brewery Activity 021.jpg

A whopping good result. 

“Our new Hoptimiser is certainly being put through its paces, with three or four tanks a week now passing through the system,” concludes Mr Iglesias. “Ultimately, it provides greater control over our process and helps us keep brewing consistent, top-quality beer.”

Alberto Iglesias 

Lead Brewer at Brixton Brewery 

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