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Crate Brewery.

Crate Brewery, a Hackney Wick specialist in craft beers, is utilising a dry hopping system from Hoptimiser – a division of Hampshire-based Torqueflow-Sydex Ltd – to make significant savings in process time and hop utilisation, without compromising taste. 

  1. Processing time reduced from days to hours

  2. Significant potential to optimise hopping rates to drive quality

  3. Better extraction and reduced chemical costs among further benefits


A whopping good result. 

“When our beers were dry-hopped at the same rate of hop addition – circulating the beer for between 45 minutes and 2 hours – we got similar results to those obtained previously over three days. So you can see the level of savings in terms of processing time, all without compromising taste.”

Sam Wright 

Brewery Engineer at Crate Brewery 

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